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Discover the Literary Charm of Calicut

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Calicut, the coastal gem in northern Kerala, is not only a popular tourist destination but is now gaining recognition as the City of Literature. Known for its pristine beauty, pleasant weather, and historical significance, Calicut has recently emerged as a trending housing location, attracting residents and investors alike. The city's rapid industrial and commercial development, coupled with substantial infrastructure improvements such as roads, highways, and the Kannur International Airport, has fueled the demand for real estate. Calicut's growing prominence in the literary world, with its designation as the City of Literature, adds a unique cultural dimension to its appeal.

Literary Landscape of Calicut

Calicut's literary heritage is deeply rooted in its historical significance, and the recent recognition as the City of Literature further cements its status. The city has become a hub for literary events, book festivals, and cultural gatherings, attracting writers, poets, and literature enthusiasts from around the country. The vibrant literary scene adds a distinctive charm to Calicut, making it an intellectually stimulating environment.

Queens Habitats, the top builder of Calicut, presents apartments/villas in trending locations:

Queens Gardenia - Thondayad, Calicut:

Nestled in the upscale Thondayad locality, Queens Gardenia offers an urban retreat within the city. With 13 contemporary 4BHK luxury villas spread over 1 acre, this project combines luxury living with excellent connectivity. The prime location and meticulous design make Queens Gardenia a symbol of grandeur and style in the heart of literary Calicut.

Queens Promenade - Nadakkavu, Calicut

Situated in the iconic location of Nadakkavu, Queens Promenade defines privileged living. The collection of 74 modern 2, 3 & 4 BHK luxury apartments, spread over 14 floors, is aesthetically designed for modern urban living. Surrounded by lush greenery and blessed with an abundance of groundwater, Queens Promenade is a testament to luxury and convenience in the literary heart of Calicut.

Queens Courtyard - Off Medical College, Calicut

Queens Courtyard, located off Medical College, offers enchanting homes and exciting investment opportunities. With 64 residences of 2 BHK & 3 BHK, this project claims an iconic position within Calicut. The ingenious design and seamless accessibility make Queens Courtyard a sanctuary from the bustling city, providing the perfect retreat for those who appreciate the literary charm of Calicut.

Invest in Your Literary Haven

As Calicut rises in literary prominence, Queens Habitats presents an opportunity to embrace luxury living in this culturally rich city. Explore the unique blend of literary charm and modern convenience that these projects bring to the best locations in Calicut. Your dream home awaits in the City of Literature - Calicut!